May Update And Information

For a quick update about In Blood's progress I will let you all know that I'm currently working on editing Karon's endings while Elan works on Tristin's edits (grammar/spelling).  Brenton's edits and revisions are done, and Tristin's revisions are done. After I finish Karon's route I'll move on to Seta's and then I can move on to the staging and programming work I have to do. We had a delay from some life stuff and I ended up getting super burned out, but I'm slowly working to get back on track. 

In personal news I've hit some big financial roadblocks due to several issues all happening in the last 7 months or so. I managed to get a part-time job but had to quit due to a painful issue with my back that restricts how much time I can spend up on my feet or standing. Things have gotten pretty bad, so to help make ends meet I've decided to open commissions over the summer for custom GUI work, simple Ren'py programming and more. You can check them out at the links below, and help me spread the word if you know anyone who could use these services.

(all KS game funds are safe and set up specifically for the game) 




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