August News

We have handed over Brenton's route to our wonderful beta testers! I'm hard at work on Tristin revisions (about halfway through) and in the meantime tons of artwork is being completed! I've also starting working on Karon's route so that I can multi-task :D 

We've got a mutation CG, a romantic Brenton CG, and another BG completed!

If you want to see full spoilers you can always check out my Patreon! There is now a $10 tier for beta access too if you're dying to try out Brenton's route :D

In even more exciting news we've opened up the Jaime Scribbles Games discord server! Feel free to hop on over and say hi! Backers and patrons get access to extra chats that have more behind-the-scenes content <3

Here is a look at our newest background with Tristin and Ellie's chibi's saying Hi~

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