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The Game

In Blood is a gothic romance and lovecraftian horror visual novel with a branching narrative that comments on toxic relationships and what it means to lose yourself.

Inspired by otome games like Demonheart and CindersIn Blood is a mature story with engaging characters and story.

The Story

After a night of drinking Eleadora takes a shortcut home through the woods. She’s angry, frustrated, and sad. At the crossroads she trips and cuts her hand on some broken glass. While looking over her wounds she mutters a wish out loud that calls upon an ancient and forgotten force that changes her life forever.

She wakes up in an unknown room, in an unknown house, on an unknown plane of existence. Surrounded by horrors and death she must attempt to find an ally among the other occupants of the house. It’s clear they don’t have her best interests in mind, and trusting them could be deadly.

Survive and try to maintain your humanity.

Escape, if you still want to.

Escape, if they’ll let you.


  • 3 male and 1 female romance options
  • Several endings (1 dead end in the demo)
  • Original illustrations (5 in the demo)
  • English Voice Acting (Fully voiced in the demo)
  • Original music and sound design
  • Demo is roughly 10K words
  • Personality System that features art changes to Ellie and adds endings


Romance Options:

Personality System

The game features a personality system that can have big consequences for your actions. If Ellie goes into any 1 extreme she will start to change, and this can even lead to a unique ending if pushed too far. 

 The four opposing personality traits are: selfish vs selfless and then wild vs tame. Ellie must balance these opposing forces in order to maintain her humanity.

Ellie will have partial mutations that will be a warning to the player (and Ellie!) that something might go wrong if she continues down her current path. Each mutation is inspired by creatures of folklore.

Content Warning

This game is intended for an adult audience and contains the following:

  • Violence
  • Mild sexual content 
  • Upsetting situations and content
  • Death

To view a comprehensive content warning you can go here, but beware spoilers


  • Writer, Developer, Programmer: Jaime Scribbles
  • Production Manager, Editor, Voice Director: PMscenarios 
  • Character Artist: Illuminate001
  • GUI Artist: Sitraxis
  • BG Artist: Saleha Chowdhury
  • Illustrator: Meagan Trott and Scherville
  • Audio Director and Sound Designer: Tim Reichert
  • Music: Antriksh Bali and Kyle Mesce

Voice Actors





Download demo

In Blood DEMO - PC 199 MB
In Blood DEMO - Mac 181 MB
In Blood DEMO - Linux 187 MB

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I loved this Demo!!!! Karon and Seta are my favorites, I have to say. Can't wait to see how the full game turns out!!!!

Thank you!! I’m glad you enjoyed it :D


I just played the demo, and I must say that I liked it! The horror elements were done in tastes and the characters are wonderful- I would also like to add the the visual design of the game is stunning, really gets you into the mood of the game. I think Tristin is my current favorite, although Brenton was cute as well. Can't wait for the whole game! 


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! We worked really hard on the atmosphere (and on Tristin who is a big fave lol) :D

(1 edit) (+1)

Alright so I can say I totally loved the demo, as soon as I read "inspired by games like Demonheart" I was *eyes zoom in* LOL. Tho I wanted to ask, since the relationships are on the toxic side, can we expect any happy endings with the ROs or not? I want to donate on kickstarter, but if there will be no happy-ish endings with the ROs (like Brash on DH1 is perfectly fine, or the endings of DH:H too) then I don't think I will.

If you don't want to answer to avoid spoilers that's perfectly fine! I am just a sucker of happy endings and get depressed if there aren't any lol.

Also, let me add: kudos to the voice actors! Usually I am not a super fan of it, but the ones working on this game are *chef kiss*


There are endings where they end up together at the end, and I’m working hard to make them way more satisfying and fleshed out than my previous games (a common feedback I was getting). I can’t give too much away because spoilers, and it’s still in the draft phase where things can drastically change :D 

I also love demonheart! 


Ohhhhhh sweet, that's it then, I'm sold! :rofl: 

I guess you got yourself another pledge on kickstarter lmao

That's wonderful, thank you so much :D


I loved the demo. The characters are great and the voice acting is perfect. Very much looking forward to the full game! I think Brenton is my favorite. Who doesn't enjoy an awkward dragon boy? :p 

I'm glad you're looking forward to the game! <3



I'm hooked!

I love the story. It's very interesting. The setting just adds to the dark, dreary atmosphere. 🧐

The characters are unique and mysterious. I wonder if Ellie can trust them. I think Brenton and Tristin are harmless, but Seta and Karon seem suspicious. 😅

Still I look forward to playing everyone's route. 😊

I'm so happy you're enjoying it! 


Oh my goodness, I've been following this since it was announced and the demo is so good! I am intrigued by all of the characters and the setting (though Tristin is baby!)! The VA is perfect and the art and writing are A+! Look forward to the full game, but wow this demo is great! 


Thank you so much! We're working really hard on the game so I'm really glad people are loving the demo so far. Also, awesome icon!

Thanks for the demo ! I'll keep my eye out for the full version, count me in for a purchase.


I'm happy you enjoyed it!


oh my gosh the forest scene in the intro is so spooky I love it and Nyarbalte's voice is amazing! so far Brenton and Eris are my favs <3 looking forward to more!!

I'm so glad you're enjoying it! 


The voice acting in this is phenomenal! It is clear there has been a lot of work put into this. The characters are all equally well written, the sprites are great and the story pulled me in quickly. So far my favorites are Tristan, Eris and Seta.

I look forward to the full game! :)

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the demo :D

Deleted post

I wish I did! I have the Draft of Tristin's route completed, and after I finish the writing we'll need to do edits and audio stuff. There will be a Kickstarter in July, and if I had to take a rough guess at a release date I'd say Oct 2021, but that will likely change depending on how long everything takes and if the KS is successful. Don't worry too much I write fast lol :D

Deleted post

I am so excited for this.


I'm happy to hear it! Public demo will be out 5/23!


Why can't I download it? 


It is currently in development and there is nothing to download yet, I'm hoping to have a playable demo in a few months!


This looks really good; can't wait to play it!!

Thanks! I'm really excited to work on it

oooh this looks cool :O


Thank you! I'm working hard on it


I'll wait :D

Hopefully it'll be worth the wait for you!


I am already intrigued! 

I'm glad to hear it!