March Update and Delay information

We are extending the delay throughout 2022, and have a fully explained post available to the public on kickstarter.  (you can read it even if you didn't back the game)

The highlights of the post:

  • The game will be coming out in 2022, but we don't have a set date established yet
  • Development is still active, the game is NOT on hiatus or cancelled
  • Progress is being made - full details on what is complete and what still needs to be done is available on the public KS post linked above
  • our lives have just been hectic and we're still recuperating from  burn out and working to avoid burn out in the future (more details available on the KS post.)

We want to thank everyone who has supported us, and all of our patient and wonderful collaborators. The game IS coming and we really can't wait for everyone to see the final product we've been working so hard on!

You can always reach out to us on our discord with any questions, and full details are available to everyone (even if you aren't a backer) on Kickstarter. You can also follow me on Twitterfor more frequent updates on progress.


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It's been almost a year since the last update here. Just wondering how it's going. I'm really looking forward to this!


Sorry for the lack of updates on! I update monthly on Kickstarter for our backers. I'll work to post a new update more publicly soon! Short answer: Development has slowed and hit some rough patches but we are still going and things are starting to look up!


I am so appreciative that you're taking the time to talk to and update the fans / backers. So many indie devs just disappear without a word or abandon their projects due to release setbacks, so thank you for being open and honest! Looking forward to the game.


thank you for all your support! We'll continue to keep everyone updated as things keep moving :D

I have a backlog that I will probably never get through so no worries. When it's done i'll play it, until then i'll play other games. Take care !


thank you for the support :D have fun playing through your backlog!