Another quick update!

Sam's sprite is complete, almost all of the background art is complete, and the script is well over 91K words long! Lot of colorful updates on the tumblr page and Kickstarter(in case you backed - you get even more pretty visuals!)

When all of the art assets are complete, I may redo the Demo to include all the pretty, finished art. Not sure if anyone would really be interested in that though, so if you have an opinion let me know in the comments please! :D

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Would love an updated demo! :D I'm so looking forward to this game, it's going to be amazing. :)

Thanks! I need to check the twitter poll, but there will definitely be an updated demo eventually

Sam is so pretty!  I'd love a beautified demo.  I just replayed the other day and was thinking about how eager I am to see it with the polished art.  But don't feel pressured if you're busy, I wouldn't mind waiting for the full version if that's better for you.  


Thanks! I did a twitter poll and most people just want me to focus on getting the final game out lol, But i'll sneak out a prettier demo at some point ^^