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Pinewood Island

otome visual novel with horror and romance · By Jaime Scribbles Games


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I've uploaded a trailer! Made by Amy Smith. It's pretty cool. Includes some CG sneak peeks as well...
Mac Build
I have made a mac build available, it works with some work on the users end > < and the folder icon defaults to the original renpy one which isn't awesome but I...
2 files
It's here! You can purchase it now! ^^ I am looking into eventually releasing it for Mac, but that might take some time. Contact me if there are any issues! I h...
2 files
Almost Ready!
All assets are complete! I have two WONDERFUL beta testers running through the game and once I'm done getting everything as polished as possible I should be abl...
Sprites are complete~
All character sprites are COMPLETE! I commissioned a few more CGs, and then the game will be ready for release! Are you excited?? I am!...
two more sprites done!
Mary and Jesse's sprites are done! Going to be adding them into the game. All that's left now is 1 CG, 1 sprite, and some bug testing/coding and the game *shoul...
Another sprite completed
Another sprite is complete, and all is looking good. only 3 Sprites left, and 4 CGs before I can finalize the game for release! I'm really excited to finish the...
Progress Report 01
I've got a proof-reader looking over the script. 5 sprites are done, and 6 CGs are completed ^^ (for more progress and general info click Here ) So excited to s...