Almost Ready!

All assets are complete! I have two WONDERFUL beta testers running through the game and once I'm done getting everything as polished as possible I should be able to release! Super excited for people to play this thing I've worked my butt off on for the past year > < -- Price will be $9.99 and I hope everyone will think it's worth it :) I'll set up an email soon for anyone who has problems/questions. I may attempt to release on Mac if there is enough interest, but since I do not have access to a Mac I have no way of testing it properly > <

Hopefully I'll be able to release in a week or so! <3

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I really do hope you release the game on Mac, I've been keen to play this for a very long time

I can try :) I just can't be sure if it works properly since I work on a PC

That's ok, I can try and gain access to a PC if the Mac version doesn't work out 

But Thank you! :)

I looked into it, and the new mac OS would require me to use a mac > < along with some other things, I'll try to get my hands on a mac eventually, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to :-/ I hope you can play the PC version! > < if you buy the PC version, and a mac version becomes available and you can't access it just contact me!