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What’s more pathetic than being alone on a Friday night? Being alone at work on Halloween night because of a stack of paperwork, of course. What’s a girl to do when she gets two visitors at midnight who both want her- and some blood?
- - -

The year is 1997.

After a successful blood donation drive, Mina is left working the graveyard shift on Halloween to catch up on all the paperwork. In the middle of yearning for her cheesy VHS rentals and the comfort of her pet rats, she hears something - someone? - outside. It’s two people- or rather, two vampires, both demanding a bit of blood. 

Once that small, sorta shady, detail is over with... Mina thinks she can go back to work.

However, the night isn't over yet! 

- - -

Go on a date with one of the vampires and maybe it will change your life!

- - -

Mina loves horror movies and her pet rats. She's fastidious, self-sacrificing, and a little shy. Super gay.

VA: Erin J Davis

- - -

Carmilla is flirty, carefree, and incredibly cool.  She thinks humans are cute and can be a bit naïve. 

VA: Elissa Park

- - -

Elizabeth is a newer vampire trying to act cooler than she really is. A bit of a goof when no one is looking.

VA: Stephanie "TeffiniWynn" Arata

- - -

No explicit imagery - Safe for streaming ;)


  • 2 Female Romance Options
  • English Voice Acting
  • Original Soundtrack (Free Download Here)
  • 5 Unlockable Illustrations
  • 3 Possible Endings
  • 10,000 ~ Words

Made for the Spooktober Visual Novel Game Jam


Updated 6 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date 21 days ago
AuthorsJaime Scribbles Games, Odd Lazdo, Akua, A Jen Bird, FirahFabe, tofurocks, Poxnixles, PMscenarios
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsHalloween, Lesbian, LGBT, renpy, Romance, Vampire, wlw, Yuri
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, High-contrast, Blind friendly


NightoftheLesbianVampires-1.0-win.zip 91 MB
NightoftheLesbianVampires-1.0-mac.zip 90 MB
NightoftheLesbianVampires-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 95 MB
com.scribbles.nightofthelesbianvampires.apk 85 MB
Night of the Lesbian Vampires Artbook.pdf 11 MB

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I have few complaints...Their voices are way 2 sexii (pulls out more boxes of tissues!!!!) ALL IN ALL I GIVE 100/10 star rating...Damn this is best vampire VN I've seen and read in awhile...(hurries and gets rid of tissue evidence)

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!


loved it, art style is really nice :3

Thank you! Everyone worked really hard on it <3


You can really tell :)


Hey uh...are there are any plans for an extended paid version of this game in the future or something?


No, I am sorry. We all have some other great games to check out though, if you're interested. I am glad you enjoyed it :D 

Oh, you're the person who made As We Know It! I bought that but haven't played it yet. Well I'll keep hoping you'll make something as gay as the vampire game in the future. One last question: where can I find the "unlocked illustrations", please? I dont see a gallery...


Yeah ^^  I wanted to try yuri since I hadn't done pure wlw before. I'd be down for doing it again.

We didn't have time to implement a cg gallery, but I'll be uploading a free artbook very soon :D


Watched a stream of someone playing one route of this and I enjoyed it so much that I just had to download it and play the other route myself.
I also now know more about rats and sharks than I did before, as an added bonus. 


Shark facts + rat facts are the greatest! Glad you liked it :D


Very nice, I enjoyed it a lot. Very gay and sweet. happy ending too. The ending felt a tiny bit rushed but hey I get it it's a jam game. But I'm very happy I found this. Thanks for making it!

Thank you! We're very happy you enjoyed it :D


Absolutely adored this game. The visuals, the voice acting, just everything! Perfect for spooky season. <3

Thank you!! :D