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It's very cool, the characters are super <3<3<3 and the conflict well managed. It would be great if it was translated into Spanish!

A really great little game. The plot was simple but very enjoyable given it covers a single strange night in the main character's life. I really loved the voice acting, particularly Elizabeth's VA who really got the voice just right between this technically-minded, rational person with subtle hints of a seductive vampire breaking through at just the rights points.


I knew this game was what I wanted when I readed lesbian and vampire together XD. I totally love Carmilla and the game is super cool


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Pretty good game. I think Carmilla's was the hotter route.

Interesting. Evocative. I can see why it won an award. Too short (a compliment) and too few choices (a critique) for my liking. Still, I liked it.

Tried downloading on mac, but after having to resume download a couple of times (due to "Failed - Network error"), it eventually just says "Forbidden". Any way I can fix this?

That sounds like there's something wrong with your internet connection or download permissions on that computer you're using. I'm not familiar with Mac, but I hope you can get it worked out!

No worries, I downloaded the game through the itch app instead of browser and it worked great.  The game's well made (and  Carmilla's so hot!)

Me encantó <3

It'd be cool if we got more. I really enjoyed this. I understand it was a game jam thing but yeah. It was a lot of fun and definitely right up my alley <3

Hi adeah



Great game! I did both endings with oral translation to Chinese if anyone's interested!


This game was awsome very different from the usual games I play. Voice acting was on point and the art was a 10. I made some offensive jokes but still enjoyed my time playing it.

Bizarrely enough, trying to run this on MacOS Big Sur results in the following error:

"Before loading the script.

Exception: Couldn't find file '._archive.rpi'."

If I rename the file "archive.rpi" in the *.app folder to "_archive.rpi" (which is what it's looking for), it changes to this:

"Before loading the script. Exception: Couldn't find file '.__archive.rpi'."

Any fixes for this?

You may want to try uninstalling and completely removing the game, and then reinstalling.  It could be a missing archived file, but we haven't seen the error before and no one else has reported it so we're not sure what else to suggest.


and finally Elizabeth's Story.


In this walkthrough I play the Carmilla's Story and at my next one I will play Elizabeth's. Enjoy!


Good Visual Novel ,good voice acting and art:) it was fun to play :)


Yes I play Halloween games in the middle of summer don't judge me!😂


I'm a simple gal, I see lesbian I click..


never agreed with anybody more than I agree with you young pal(you are probably older cause im metnally 5)

How do I get the 3rd ending?

There is a good end for each character you get with high affection. You'll get the third ending by having low affection with whoever you choose to spend time with.

I loved this game. Sadly it was very short. Is there an chance we get an part 2 anytime soon?

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This game is awesome I LOVE IT I love the rat part the most! Voices are amazing- Well everything about this is amazing! I hope there's more things to come!

EDIT: This game is better than DDLC in my opinion-

EDIT: Aaand now i wish this game was longer TvT


I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.



Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for sharing this game. I really enjoyed it. The visuals, animation, voice acting and story were fun and cute to play!

Thanks so much! We're glad you enjoyed it!

IDK how to join the game

How do you play it? I mean Cause it won't let me play it.

You can download the game at the links right above the comment section. Just download and unzip the file for your appropriate operating system. 

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I just finished both routes and I really enjoyed this game. 

I was expecting some kind of horror story with vamps as the anthagonist to eventually fall in love with, but it's much much better this way.

The game is a bit short. The endings are pretty good as well as artstyle (especially the sprites). well done voice acting.

I like the both girls but I think Carmilla's route is better. Not only because she's more my type but also it's a bit longer and more eventful than Elizabeth's.

Thank you! We're happy you liked it! 


this game is awesome!! 

(btw, i loveeed the voice acting<3) 


Thanks, we're glad you enjoyed it! :D


This is lovely. Played through both arcs now, and both are sweet in their own way. And it's especially amazing that you made this in just a month!

My only complaint about the plot: Lesbians taking a year to move in together seems entirely unrealistic! XD



We're glad you enjoyed it!


Aaaaaw I just finished one route and it's soooo cute and funny ! You do work hard on it, I love the style and the music, and the actresses are great ! Can't wait to continue !

We're so glad you liked it! 


ur game sux


i absolutely loved this game!! the details were amazing! I had alot of fun playing this!! I look forward to playing other games by you! Keep up the good work<3

Thank you!!


Had a long of fun with this one! 

Glad you had fun! Gonna check out your LP as soon as I can :D


So after a poll I made on Twitter I decided to play this visual novel. Also recommended by Dino999z. It turns out to be very good. I love all the little detail you all have made in the character sprites like small eye squint or blinking, that's a lovely touch that I rarely see even in another expressive visual novel. The voice acting are also wonderful, such passion and understanding of the characters. The writing of the plot are nice, easily understandable of what the plot is. The usage of the background are also impressive, using only two main background at the start and yet still able to make the game interesting to play. Also the light eroticism (biting & whispers in the ear) was just perfect, not too 'vampiric erotic' you can find in the movie. Totally love it.

For addition perhaps add a tutorial or a description of what the kiss sign means, the blue and purple one.

Currently in Carmilla route.

We're  glad you're enjoying the game! The kiss marks are affection indicators. Pink for Carmilla and the Blue/green for Elizabeth. Every time you get a kiss mark it means you gain a point towards their good end :)

Can't wait to check out your LP!

Ooooh, I knew it. Thanks for the clarification!


Well thanks for that I've finally unlocked Carmilla True Ending. Such a sweet-adorable-carnalistic ending. And also Elizabeth ending of course

for some reason when i try to download the game, i keep getting an error message :(

what version are you downloading? The android/linux/windows/ or mac version? What kind of error are you getting? Is it downloading but not running, or not downloading at all? Are you downloading on the itchio website or on the app or the launcher?

Let me know, and I can try to look into a fix for you!

I was downloading the Mac version and the game file didn't show up when I went to download the game. It happened both on the website and the app, but I was able to do some tweaking with my browser and ended up downloading it! Sorry for the late response!

Ooh! I'm glad you got it working :D 


I have few complaints...Their voices are way 2 sexii (pulls out more boxes of tissues!!!!) ALL IN ALL I GIVE 100/10 star rating...Damn this is best vampire VN I've seen and read in awhile...(hurries and gets rid of tissue evidence)

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!


loved it, art style is really nice :3

Thank you! Everyone worked really hard on it <3


You can really tell :)


Hey uh...are there are any plans for an extended paid version of this game in the future or something?


No, I am sorry. We all have some other great games to check out though, if you're interested. I am glad you enjoyed it :D 

Oh, you're the person who made As We Know It! I bought that but haven't played it yet. Well I'll keep hoping you'll make something as gay as the vampire game in the future. One last question: where can I find the "unlocked illustrations", please? I dont see a gallery...


Yeah ^^  I wanted to try yuri since I hadn't done pure wlw before. I'd be down for doing it again.

We didn't have time to implement a cg gallery, but I'll be uploading a free artbook very soon :D


Watched a stream of someone playing one route of this and I enjoyed it so much that I just had to download it and play the other route myself.
I also now know more about rats and sharks than I did before, as an added bonus. 


Shark facts + rat facts are the greatest! Glad you liked it :D


Very nice, I enjoyed it a lot. Very gay and sweet. happy ending too. The ending felt a tiny bit rushed but hey I get it it's a jam game. But I'm very happy I found this. Thanks for making it!

Thank you! We're very happy you enjoyed it :D


Absolutely adored this game. The visuals, the voice acting, just everything! Perfect for spooky season. <3


Thank you!! :D

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