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** Please note: the original version has a small syntax error in screens.rpy line 876 with the font definition  (I added a space at the end that shouldn't have been there!) --- please download 2.0, or remove that space in the original file to stop crashes! :D

This is a customized GUI for ren'py. It includes the PNG files and all of the code already programmed into a renpy file (Not Built). You can take the code and assets out, or rename the renpy game file and use it.

This was made in Ren'py

Preview of the Soft Romance GUI including the color codes and the font.


  • All Standard Screens
  • Textbox, Choices, and Quick menu
  • An "Extras" screen for Achievements, Endings and a CG gallery (Code Included!)
  • Code for everything already plugged in
  • Formatted for 1080x1920

You can plug your script into the game file and change the name, or take the assets and code as needed.

The game uses an open source font "Oleo Script Swash Caps" which you can find for free: Here


If purchased you may use this project in commercial projects or free projects. You may not resell part of, or the whole GUI on it's own. You can modify the GUI and code to suit your needs.

You can credit me as Jaime Scribbles if you want, but it is not required.


Download, unzip, and enjoy! Some additional instruction included in the download, see below!

You can find the instructions.txt file under the custom GUI file after it is unzipped. This is the same place where you would find the game folder, and the errors, log and traceback.

Sample Assets:


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Custom GUI 2.0.zip 10 MB

Development log


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Hello! This GUI is incredible and the code you've provided has been helping me out a ton! But, I'm struggling to find a way to tweak the code to your CG gallery for multiple images to show up in a row within a single button (clicking through them) rather than have them all separated. I don't rly have a programming background and every other resources I used to make changes kept giving me errors on Ren'py's end.

So, I wanted to ask directly now since I'm using your custom code, after all. Thanks in advance!

Hi! The easiest (but probably least efficient) way to do what you're suggesting (If I understand it correctly) is to create additional buttons that link to the other images. I can't really say much without looking into it, and unfortunately I don't have the time to do so but I hope you get the hang of it!

this seems helpful! thanks

Its include 1280x720 screen?

No, I'm sorry. The screens and images are set up for 1080x1920